What to Know About Pipe Bursting for Sewer Line Replacement

When you hear the words “pipe” and “bursting” together in the same sentence, it’s typically not for good news. However, there’s an instance where these words together could actually be beneficial. We’re referring to pipe bursting to replace an old or broken sewer line.

What to Know About Pipe Bursting for Sewer Line Replacement

How does pipe bursting work?

Before you can appreciate pipe bursting, you need to understand the traditional sewer line replacement process. Since the pipe runs underground from your home to the sewer main below the street, it can be challenging to find and access the damaged section of the sewer line. This means the entire sewer line had to be dug up (also known as trenched), adding extensive costs to the project and being very disruptive to the property.

Pipe bursting is a trenchless process where a new high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is inserted and pulled through the existing sewer line. A special head breaks up the old pipe (such as clay or Orangeburg) and creates an expanded area for the new pipe. The new pipe is also continuous and seamless, meaning few connection pipes that can wear out or leak. 

Benefits of pipe bursting

Compared to the traditional method of sewer line replacement we described earlier, pipe busting offers numerous advantages.

  • Cost-effective – Typically requires less labor and heavy equipment for digging up the damaged sewer line.
  • Faster – In many cases, pipe bursting can be completed quicker than traditional replacement methods.
  • Less invasive to property – Can avoid digging up a large portion of your landscaping; there’s also less cleanup involved. 
  • Environmentally friendly – Process does not require harmful chemicals and doesn’t stir up contaminants that could affect groundwater.

Factors that influence the cost of pipe bursting

If you have an old sewer line that needs to be replaced, several factors will determine the cost of pipe bursting for your property, including:

  • Depth and length of existing sewer line
  • Material, condition, and damage to the old pipe
  • Location of sewer lateral
  • The slope of the pipe
  • Obstructions such as nearby structures or other underground utilities 

Schedule pipe bursting in the Durham area

Now that you know more about pipe bursting, keep this innovative method in mind if you ever run into an issue with an old, potentially broken sewer. 

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