Brown Tap Water: Should You Be Concerned?

So you went to fill up the kettle this morning – and big surprise – brown water is available sooner than expected.

Brown Tap Water

Now your first question is probably the most important one. Is it safe to drink? Short answer: probably. Long answer: just call Acme.

Brown water can be the result of numerous causes – some dangerous, some run of the mill – which is why it is important to act fast and bring in the experts.

The Cause.

Good Cop, Bad Cop.

  •  Minerals.
    • Whether you have a well on your property or rely on city water mains, brown water can be due to pressure changes which cause higher levels of sediment including iron and magnesium in your water. This water will smell metallic – but is technically safe to drink (if you’re brave!) as our bodies need these minerals to function. If this is the problem, your water probably cleared up as you read this article.
  • Rust.
    • If your pipes or water heater is rusted and aging, this could be the source of your brown water and can be a more serious problem for a couple reasons. Chances are one of these two key parts of your water system will fail. It’s a matter of when not if.
    • Rust build-up and corrosion can lead to immense water damage, crack plumbing pipes and expose your water supply to bacteria and contaminants in the air. Which is why it is important to quickly determine the problem and start working on…

The Solution. (That’s what you’re really here for anyways!)

Generally, if the problem is related to mineral build up, it should clear up in a couple hours. The first step is to run your tap for about 20 minutes. If the water turns clear, congratulations, you have fixed the problem!

If your faucet is still misbehaving after a couple hours, the issue could be more serious. Or maybe your in-laws are coming for dinner tonight, and you absolutely cannot serve them discolored water in the fancy glasses.

Either way: this issue is unsightly and, if prolonged, could lead to serious damage. Your best bet is to click here to schedule an appointment with one of our Acme plumbing experts or give us a call at (919) 688-1348 to diagnose this issue. We will have your taps running clear in no time!

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