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It’s No Secret That Clogged Drains Are a Serious Nuisance

Over the years, pipes become lined with buildup. From hair and rust to grease and harsh minerals, this buildup causes corrosion that leads to serious damage. The clogs and subsequent damage can then lead to costly repairs. When you need drain cleaning in Durham, our experienced technicians at Acme Plumbing Co. know exactly what to look for and how to clear out the issue.

Common Signs of a Clogged Drain Include:

  • Water beginning to back up in your sink
  • A rotting smell coming from the sink
  • Pools of water forming close to your bathtub or sink
  • Water draining slowly after forming pools
  • Bubbles forming in your toilet when you run the sink
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your drain after running a washing machine or dishwasher
Expert Tips
- Larry Tilley
Regularly maintain your drains to prevent clogs and backups. Avoid pouring grease, oil, or coffee grounds down the drain as they can solidify and cause blockages. Use a drain strainer to catch hair and debris, preventing them from entering the pipes. Once a month, flush your drains with hot water and vinegar to dissolve any buildup. If you encounter a stubborn clog, avoid using harsh chemicals and instead opt for a plunger or a drain snake. For professional drain cleaning services in Durham, NC, contact us for efficient and reliable solutions.
- Larry Tilley

Drain Cleaning Requires Effective, Long-Term Solutions

If you have noticed any of the above signs in your home or residential building, it would be within your best interests to contact Acme Plumbing Co. today. In addition to our repair services, we offer preventative maintenance services. This is the easiest way to keep your plumbing system healthy and clog-free. At Acme Plumbing Co., we provide exceptional drain cleaning services in Durham and throughout North Carolina. We know that many people attempt to unclog their drains on their own; however, this is only a temporary solution. If your drain is clogged and you are in need of highly effective and durable drain cleaning services, we encourage you to reach out to our team. We have the long-term solutions that you need!

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Clogged Drain Cleaning Service

Acme Plumbing Co., provides clogged drain cleaning service to all of Durham, NC. We are happy to do the dirty work so you don’t have to worry about the debris and obstructions that build up over time in your pipes. If you are experiencing water that doesn’t drain or if you notice a strong odor, you need our expert clogged draining cleaning services! Our team cleans drains quickly and efficiently. Let us help- call Acme today.

Emergency Drain Cleaning Services

Some clogs are a nuisance, but some pipe obstructions are a true emergency. A major build up can put pressure on your pipes and lead to bursts or leaking. Acme Plumbing Co. offers 24/7 emergency drain cleaning services in the Durham, NC area so you’ll never have to worry. If you have a bad clog or any other plumbing emergency, call Acme.

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning

Clogged pipes are probably one of the most frustrating situations you can find yourself in. Acme Plumbing offers powerful and reliable HydroJet drain cleaning which uses the force of pressurized water to break through tough clogs that can’t be removed by a plumbing snake. For plumbing emergencies in the Durham area, call Acme Plumbing today.

When To Schedule Professional Drain Repair

Recognizing the right time for drain repair is crucial to prevent further damage and inconvenience. We serve Durham, NC, and advise prompt action upon noticing warning signs.

Signs to Look Out For:

  • Foul Odors: If you detect unpleasant smells from your drains, especially house-wide, or in one area, it indicates a potential issue that requires inspection.
  • Frequent Clogs: Don’t ignore recurring clogs as they could signify underlying drainage problems that need professional attention.
  • Water Damage: Any signs of leaks or water damage around plumbing fixtures should prompt immediate action to prevent further deterioration.

Benefits of Timely Repairs:

Delaying drain repairs can lead to severe consequences such as extensive water damage and mold growth. Addressing issues promptly helps prevent:

  • Hidden Water Damage: Timely repairs prevent leaks from causing hidden water damage within your property, safeguarding against mold and structural issues.
  • Corrosion: Avoiding timely repairs can lead to corrosion within your plumbing system, which may necessitate costly replacements.

Importance of Localized Fixes:

Remember, drainage issues can impact the entire plumbing system’s pressure balance. By addressing problems promptly, you can:

  • Localize the Issue: Prompt repairs help contain the problem, making it easier and more affordable for plumbers to fix it without disrupting your entire system.

At Acme Plumbing Co., our priority is ensuring your drains function flawlessly. If you notice any concerns with your drains, please contact us at (919) 688-1348 for expert drain repair services. Serving Chapel Hill and Durham, NC, our expert team is here to address all your plumbing needs promptly and effectively. Reach out today to schedule professional drain repair and maintain a healthy plumbing system.

Hire a Company You Can Trust for Drain Cleaning in Durham

As a family-owned and operated plumbing company, our experienced technicians Acme Plumbing Co. stand behind our work. You can be confident in our ability to handle all of your plumbing needs. We are committed to delivering top-quality work and would be proud to help you protect the pipes in your residential property or in your commercial building. We will utilize water and sewer line jetting in order to remove blockages from your drain. When you contact our team, we will perform an in-depth inspection of your pipes, determine the issue, and build an individualized solution. We serve customers throughout Chapel Hill, The Triangle, Durham, and the surrounding areas.

Ensure your pipes and drains are properly maintained year-round. Call (919) 688-1348 to sc!

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