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Outdoor plumbing presents many challenges for home and commercial property owners as it is often used across a wide area, making inspecting the intricate web of piping complex. Exposure to the outside elements can also cause more stress on outdoor plumbing and can even cause damage that may not be easily detectable. Our experts know it is just as important to maintain your outdoor plumbing as it is your indoor plumbing. We are proud to say that we have been a reliable and dependable source for plumbing repairs since 1947!

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Types of Outdoor Plumbing Services

Outdoor plumbing presents unique challenges. You may need our team to look at the hose or sprinklers or maintain the plumbing connected to your outdoor kitchen. Whether you have a leak that needs our attention or would like assistance with installing a new unit, put us to work—our Durham outdoor plumbing specialists are prepared to handle the task!

Expert Tips
- Larry Tilley
When it comes to outdoor plumbing, prevention is key. Regularly inspect your outdoor faucets, sprinkler systems, and hoses for any signs of leaks or damage. Be sure to disconnect and drain your hoses before winter to prevent freezing and bursting pipes. Additionally, consider installing frost-proof faucets to protect against cold temperatures. Remember, a little maintenance now can save you from costly repairs later. For reliable outdoor plumbing services in Durham, NC, trust our experts to keep your system in top shape.
- Larry Tilley

Here are some of the services we offer for outdoor plumbing:

Outdoor plumbing is susceptible to different types of wear and tear. What we can do is to give your system a thorough review to uncover any problems and locate areas that can be repaired or improved. We may use video inspection or other types of tools to accomplish this, so that we can give you a thorough inspection without any disruption to your daily life or your outdoor living area as much as possible.

Outdoor Fixtures Replacement in Durham, NC

When it’s time to upgrade or replace outdoor plumbing fixtures in Durham, NC, trust Acme Plumbing Co. With over 75 years of dedicated service to the community, our four generations of family plumbers are ready to assist you. Whether you need to replace an old outdoor faucet, upgrade your irrigation system, or install a new outdoor shower, we have the expertise to handle it all.

Our team understands the unique challenges of outdoor plumbing in the Durham area and can ensure your fixtures are not only functional but also withstand the local climate. From start to finish, we provide top-quality workmanship and stand behind our services with a 2-year warranty on all parts and labor.

Don’t wait until outdoor plumbing issues become a headache. Contact Acme Plumbing Co. at (919) 688-1348 for efficient and reliable outdoor fixtures replacement. We’re your trusted neighborhood plumbers, dedicated to keeping your outdoor plumbing in top-notch condition.

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At Acme Plumbing Co., we pride ourselves on providing professional work with friendly service. We are here to serve your needs, no matter what type of plumbing issue or job you have. We rise to every challenge, and our work ethic has earned us the 2015 Angie’s List 2015 Super Service Award and an A+ rating by the BBB. We are proud to serve our community in Durham, Chapel Hill, The Triangle, and local cities as a neighborhood plumber.

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4th Generation Family Plumbers

4th GenerationFamily Plumbers

Trusted & Recommended Since 1947

Trusted & RecommendedSince 1947

We Stand Behind Our Work

We StandBehind Our Work

Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Fully Licensed,Bonded & Insured

2 Year Warranty On All Parts & Labor*

2 Year WarrantyOn All Parts & Labor*

Won the Super Service Award In 2015 by Angie's List

Won the Super Service AwardIn 2015 by Angie's List

A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau

A+ Rated by theBetter Business Bureau

Top Quality Workmanship

Top QualityWorkmanship

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