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Water heaters are an integral part of any home. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you not only choose the right one, but that you have a trusted source to keep your plumbing running efficiently once it has been installed. If you are currently searching for a water heater, you know that you have many choices, including whether or not a tank or tankless option is right for you. At Acme Plumbing, our team of Durham water heater installation and repair professionals can guide you in the right direction and help you choose the right option.

Expert Tips
- Larry Tilley
Maintaining your water heater is crucial for its longevity and efficiency. To ensure optimal performance, regularly check the pressure relief valve and drain any sediment buildup. Additionally, insulating your water heater and its pipes can help conserve energy and reduce heat loss. Don't forget to adjust the temperature to a comfortable yet energy-saving level. Lastly, consider scheduling professional maintenance annually to catch any potential issues early on. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy a reliable and cost-effective water heating system in your Durham, NC home.
- Larry Tilley

The Types Of Water Heaters That Are Available To Choose From Include:

  • Conventional tank water heaters
  • Gas and electric water heaters
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Solar water heaters
If you need any help with choosing a water heater, or even installation or repair, please contact us online today!

Which Water Heater Should I Choose?

What are the first signs that it is time to replace your water heater? You may have already begun noticing that your shower or tub isn’t warming as quickly as you remember. Or, the water alternates between hot and cold. Our Durham water heater plumbers know that nothing can be more uncomfortable than unpredictable water temperatures.

Other Signs That It May Be Time To Replace Your Water Heater Include:

We would never recommend replacing your water heater unless absolutely necessary. We inspect your unit thoroughly and then determine what options you might have to repair it. However, replacing your unit may turn out to be the most viable solution, so we can assist you in deciding on which unit will be right for you.

Benefits of Installing a Tankless Water Heater

When you’re considering what type of water heater to replace your current unit with, it’s important to at least look into the potential value of a tankless water heater. While the up-front cost is higher than a traditional unit, the long-term benefits can outweigh the initial investment depending on your situation.

Some Of The Top Benefits Of Tankless Water Heaters Include:

  • A longer lifespan than a traditional water heater: Traditional units typically last 10 years, maybe a couple more if you keep up to date with annual service. Tankless units last 20 years on average.
  • Lower energy bills: Traditional water heaters need to keep anywhere from 50 to 100 – and maybe more – gallons of water hot and ready to go 24/7. This can have a noticeable impact on your energy bill. Tankless water heaters only heat water as it’s used, which can dramatically cut back on the amount of energy needed to run it on a day to day basis.
  • Tankless water heaters are more environmentally friendly than tank water heaters: Not only will the drop in energy usage help cut down your utility bill, but it will help lessen your home’s carbon footprint. Over the course of two decades, the difference could be substantial.
  • Takes up considerably less space: Tankless water heaters are approximately 1/5 the size of a traditional unit. Replacing your current water heater with one will free up an entire closet worth of space.

Tankless Water Heaters Replacement & Installation

If you are considering a new tankless water heater or replacing an old, inefficient water heater in Raleigh or Durham, NC, Acme Plumbing has the knowledge and expertise to advise regarding the best option for your home or business. Installing a tankless water heater is a great option if you are looking to upgrade to a more energy efficient model with the added benefit of hot water on-demand. Tankless water heaters take up less space and typically last longer than a traditional water heater. They are an excellent option for anyone seeking a water heater replacement. If your current tankless water heater is displaying any signs of malfunction such as inconsistent temperature or tinted water, give us a call and we will inspect your unit to ensure it is working properly.

Electric Water Heater Replacement & Installation

Electric water heaters have a low upfront cost for installation and are generally quite energy efficient. They are among the more popular choices for water heater installation and replacement. Electric water heater installation does not require any changes to piping or home infrastructure, so with professional assistance, it is a quick and easy installation. If your electric water heater is more than a decade old or if you notice signs of deficiency, it may be time to consider a replacement. Before making this decision, contact Acme Plumbing of Raleigh and Durham, NC for your electric water heater replacement and installation needs.

Tank and Tankless Water Heater Repair

Not having hot water when you need it can be frustrating. If you need your tank or tankless water heater repaired, Acme Plumbing provides heater repair services to homes across the Raleigh and Durham, NC areas. You don’t have to let a lack of hot water disrupt your routine and you deserve to have your tank or tankless water heater repaired quickly and affordably. Call Acme Plumbing today and our knowledgeable technicians will arrive with all the tools necessary to get the job done and get your hot water back. Our team strives to provide the highest level of service to every client. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you and earn your business!

40/50/60 Gallon Water Heater

A typical water heater has a tank capacity of 40, 50, or 60 gallons. Generally, a 40 gallon unit suits the average family of four while bigger families or institutions should look to 50 or 60 gallon units. The experienced team at Acme Plumbing has installed all of these types of water heaters across Raleigh, Durham, and the surrounding areas.

If you want to go green, there are a lot of considerations; it’s not just about getting the smallest water heater. It can take a lot of energy to heat water so heating a large tank once rather than a small tank multiple times might be the environmentally-friendly choice to make. It’s dependent on your usage factors. An experienced Acme plumber can help you factor in the heating element, the standby and cycling losses, and other elements to choose the best fit tank for your home or residence in Raleigh or Durham, NC.

Emergency Water Heater Services

Count on Acme Plumbing Co. for prompt and reliable Emergency Water Heater Services in Durham, NC. When your water heater malfunctions unexpectedly, our skilled plumbers are ready 24/7 to provide swift solutions, ensuring your home or business regains hot water functionality promptly.

At Acme Plumbing Co., we understand the inconvenience of a sudden water heater issue. Our experienced team is equipped to handle emergency situations, offering timely repairs, replacements, and troubleshooting to get your water heater back in working order.

Don’t let a water heater emergency disrupt your routine. Contact Acme Plumbing Co. at (919) 688-1348 for immediate assistance in Durham and the surrounding areas. Trust our four generations of plumbing expertise to bring comfort back to your home or business. We’re your dedicated neighborhood plumbers, always ready to tackle plumbing challenges with efficiency and professionalism.

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Acme Plumbing Co. has been in the plumbing business for more than four generations and is proud to have deep roots in our community. If you need water heater installation and repair in Durham, we are your neighborhood plumbers. We can handle nearly any type of plumbing job, no matter how complex the situation might be.

Call us today at (919) 688-1348 to request service from our Durham water heater experts.

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