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Noticed a sewage smell on your commercial or residential property? Noticing perpetually damp areas on your lawn? If so, you may have a blocked sewer line A damaged sewer line can attract pests and rodents. As such, it would within your best interests to get in touch with our highly trained plumbers today. Acme Plumbing Co. can offer you the long-term solutions that you are looking for. Whether you are looking at sewer line repair or replacement, we can ensure your broken sewer system is working again in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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When you call us for sewer inspections and repairs in Durham, we will thoroughly inspect the issue and quickly diagnose the problem. If you are not a properly trained plumber, we advise you against repairing your sewer lines alone. Whether the problem is a result of a corroded pipe, broken line, leaking line, cracked line, blocked line, or tree root infiltration, we can help.

Reasons customers continue to choose Acme Plumbing Co. include:

  • We are committed to delivering high-quality workmanship.
  • We are a fully licensed, bonded & insured company.
  • We have nearly seven decades of experience.
  • We received the Super Service Award in 2015 by Angie’s List.
  • We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau®.
  • We offer a 2-year warranty on all parts and labor
  • We are friendly & reliable plumbing technicians.

Signs That You Need a Sewer Repair

There are very obvious signs that you need a sewer repair, like a foul smell or standing water on your property. There are also less-obvious signs that you may need a sewer repair, like an increase in pests and rodents or a lawn that is unusually green. The best practice is to contact a professional plumber to help you determine if you need a sewer repair. Once the problem is identified, the plumber will then be able to make the appropriate repair. This is not an issue you should try to investigate or fix yourself, as sewer lines can be further damaged if not handled correctly. Give yourself peace of mind and a properly working sewer: call Acme Plumbing today.

Sewer Repair: Pipe Bursting

When dealing with a sewer repair that includes a burst pipe, you may not even realize you have a problem until it’s too late. If the pipe bursts underground, the trouble may make itself known only after reaching the surface and by then, your sewer may have sustained even more damage. If you experience any of the signs of a broken sewer line or burst piping, including puddles of water and drains that won’t empty, call Acme Plumbing to find out the source of the problem. Oftentimes, the pipe that bursts will need to be replaced with a sturdier, more modern and durable type of piping. Acme specializes in sewer repair with pipe bursting. Please call us as soon as you notice a problem.

Sewer Replacement Services in Durham

Fast Diagnosis for Sewer Repair

In the event that a video camera inspection should reveal that your sewer lines are broken beyond repair, our plumbing technicians would be proud to offer you sewer replacement services. We have the training, resources, and experience necessary to get the job done right the first time. In addition, we will do everything possible to complete the replacement in an effective manner. We also provide water line repair and replacement in the event that we discover the issue is related to that system instead. Our plumbing services are available to customers throughout Durham, Chapel Hill, The Triangle, and surrounding areas!

Are you ready to clear out your sewer system for good? Call (919) 688-1348 for sewer inspections and repairs in Durham today!

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4th Generation Family Plumbers

4th GenerationFamily Plumbers

Trusted & Recommended Since 1947

Trusted & RecommendedSince 1947

We Stand Behind Our Work

We StandBehind Our Work

Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Fully Licensed,Bonded & Insured

2 Year Warranty On All Parts & Labor*

2 Year WarrantyOn All Parts & Labor*

Won the Super Service Award In 2015 by Angie's List

Won the Super Service AwardIn 2015 by Angie's List

A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau

A+ Rated by theBetter Business Bureau

Top Quality Workmanship

Top QualityWorkmanship

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