How to Unclog a Drain Pipe

When you have a clogged drain pipe, it can be a real pain. Trying to figure out how to unclog it can be even more of a headache. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll show you some simple tips and tricks on how to unclog a drain pipe in no time.

How to Unclog a Drain Pipe

However, if you fail to unclog your drain pipe after trying these tips, then you may need to call the professionals at Acme Plumbing. We’re always here to help you with your plumbing needs, including drain cleaning. Give us a call today!

5 Ways to Unclog a Drain Pipe

If your drain pipe is clogged, there are a few things you can do to try and unclog it. This includes using a plunger, using a wire hanger, or using vinegar and baking soda mixture.

Try a Plunger

If you have a clogged drain pipe, the first thing you should try is a plunger. However, this can be a messy option. Before you begin, place rags or towels over the surrounding area to cope with any splashback. It also helps to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Put the plunger over the drain and prepare yourself to push and pull the plunger up and down. This method works best if there’s some water in the sink or tub with the clog. When you have the plunger in place over the drain opening and you have a tight seal, push and pull it up and down vigorously. This should push the clog through the pipe and clear the drain.

Use a Wire Hanger

Another way you can try to unclog a drain pipe is by using a wire hanger. This technique is more effective when the clog is close to the drain. First, straighten out the wire hanger and make a small hook at the end. Then, insert the wire hanger into the drain and try to hook the clog. Once you’ve hooked the clog, pull it out of the drain.

Hot Water, Vinegar, And Baking Soda

If you have a drain that is dry or doesn’t have much water in it, you can try using hot water, vinegar, and baking soda. To begin, pour some baking soda down the drain. Then, add a cup of vinegar and let it sit for a few minutes. This should create a chemical reaction that will help to break down the clog in your pipe. After a few minutes, flush the drain with hot water.

The water you use should not be too hot so that it doesn’t damage your pipes or fixtures. Also, you should be careful when pouring the hot water down the drain so that you don’t splash it on yourself. If you have any concerns, you can always call a professional plumber to help you out.

Use a Drain Snake

If the above methods don’t work, you can try using a drain snake. A drain snake is a long, flexible coil that you insert into the drain to try and clear a clog. Manual drain snakes come with a handle that you turn to spin the coil as you insert it into the drain.

To use a drain snake, insert the tip of the snake into the drain and turn the handle to spin the coil. As you insert the snake into the drain, it will push through the clog and clear the drain. You may need to use a little bit of force to get the snake through the clog. If you have any trouble, you can always call a professional plumber for help. Don’t forget to clean the snake after use.

Chemical Drain Cleaner

Chemical drain cleaners can be effective even when dealing with tough clogs. However, you should be careful when using these cleaners because they can be harsh on your pipes and fixtures. If you decide to use a chemical drain cleaner, follow the instructions on the label carefully and take precautions to avoid splashback.

To use a chemical drain cleaner, pour the cleaner into the drain and let it sit for the amount of time specified on the label. After the allotted time has passed, flush the drain with hot water.

Call The Professional Plumbers at Acme Plumbing

If you’ve tried all of these methods and you’re still having trouble unclogging your drain pipe, then you may need to call a professional plumber for help. Acme Plumbing is always here to help you with your plumbing needs. Give us a call today at (919) 688-1348!

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