Kitchen Smells and Solutions

The kitchen is a wild place. The heart of the home – but also sometimes the armpit. However you see it, the kitchen is a meeting spot, and the last thing you want is your guests watching you cook a beautiful meal, while holding their noses.

Luckily, lingering smells often have easy solutions. Here are the four most common causes of bad smells in the kitchen and how to get rid of them! 

Kitchen Smells and Solutions

Garbage Disposals: Strong AND Stinky 

The garbage disposal takes care of a lot. But it can only take care of so much. Oftentimes, the cause of bad smells in the kitchen comes from food scraps rotting in the blades. 

Luckily there are a few easy solutions. Turn on the cold water, get a couple cups of ice and one cup of salt. After letting the water run for about 30 seconds, pour the ice and salt and let it crunch. Get a lemon, lime or grapefruit and drop a couple slices in to freshen up the whole room! 

Then make a margarita while you’re at it, you deserve it. 

Grease – Not the Musical  

Mom always said no oil in the drain – but sometimes it’s easier said than done. Too much grease or oil down the drain can congeal in your pipes, causing a horrible smell as it lays stagnant and catches food on the way down. 

The solution? A middle school science project! Grab the baking soda and vinegar and start experimenting. After about ten minutes of bubblin, pour some boiling water right on down. 

The baking soda and vinegar should disintegrate the grease and the hot water should flush it away! 

No Food in the Trap

If the stink smells more like sewer than last week’s chow mein, the problem probably has to do with its trap – the curved pipe located right under the sink. The trap’s entire job is to block gas from entering the home by keeping water in place as a blockade. 

If the sink has been unused for a while – all you have to do is run it for about a minute, letting the trap fill. 

Still stinky? Don’t want to get your hands dirty? Want to ensure that your kitchen is in full working order?  Call Acme Plumbing Co. at (919) 688-1348! We will perform an in-depth inspection of your sink, determine the issue, and build an quick and cheap solution.

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