So Your Water Heater’s Reset Button Is Tripping?

Now if you are here – it probably means you know what the water heater reset button does and what it looks like. But just in case, we’re going to tell you!

Found on your thermostat, the red reset button (sometimes called the Energy Cut Off or ECO button) is there for your safety. It gets “tripped” and cuts off the thermal energy elements of your water heater as soon as it detects dangerously high temperatures. 

This little button keeps you safe – but it can also malfunction, causing it to trip for no reason. Mostly, the cause involves your thermostat. 

Water Heater

The Thermostat. 

  • Erroneous Temperature Reading
    • Sometimes your thermostat will malfunction – causing the temperature reads to be off. This commonly occurs when the device is uncovered and insulation is removed – perhaps during home improvements. 
    • The solution?
      • Replace the cover and determine whether the issue is fixed. 
      • If you are still experiencing issues, call Acme and we will replace your broken thermostat ASAP! 
  • Thermostatic Deregulation
    • A fancy term for a failed thermostat. Most common issue is that your device is locked in the “on” position, meaning that your water is constantly being heated. The good news is that your reset button is actually doing it’s job and protecting your hands from scalding temps. 
    • The solution?
      • Call Acme and we will replace your broken thermostat ASAP! 
  • Connections Gone Haywire
    • Loose or disconnected wires can mess with your thermostat’s temperature reading, tripping the reset button – not to mention make you and your family unsafe. 
    • The solution?
      • Call Acme and we will make sure your wires aren’t crossed!

Other Common Problems.

  • The reset button will also be tripped if your water heater is constantly heating – most often due to a short. To fix this, disconnect all wires and take a continuity reading. If the terminal reads 0 – your heating element has shorted and will need replacing. 
  • Winter weather can cause the thermostat to begin to erode, messing with the temperature reading. 

Everybody needs hot water. If you are experiencing an overactive reset button, give us a call here at Acme at (919) 688-1348. Our experts will diagnose and fix the problem in no time!

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