What Is a Sewer Clean Out?

If you’ve heard the words sewer clean out and had no idea what they meant, you’re not alone. Many homeowners don’t know what a sewer clean out is or why it’s important. We’ll explain what a sewer clean out is and how it can benefit your home.

What Is a Sewer Clean Out

If you do know what a sewer clean out is and feel you need one, Acme Plumbing can help. We’re experts at sewer clean outs and can have your home’s sewer system running like new in no time.

What Is a Sewer Clean Out?

A sewer clean out is a capped pipe that provides access to your home’s sewer line. A sewer clean out is an important part of your home’s plumbing system. It is typically located near the main sewer line, and it is mostly external to your home. It provides a way to remove blockages and buildup from your sewer line and keeps your drains flowing freely.

If there is a clog or some other problem with your main sewer line, you could have issues of backup that can render your entire plumbing system unusable. Without a clean out, the only way to fix a sewer line issue would be to dig up your yard to access the line. This is much more expensive and disruptive than simply having a clean out installed.

A clean out also prevents a plumber from moving a dirty sewer machine into your home. It is safer to avoid such a machine no matter how much it has been cleaned.

Why Do You Need a Clean Out?

  • When you have a clean out in place, you’ll avoid pipe damage, water damage, as well as clean up fees that often go along with serious sewage backups.
  • If you have a clean out and there’s a clog, a professional can quickly clear it without having to go into your home. This is the best possible scenario as it means no mess and no disruption to your home. It would also mean a smaller bill at the end of the process.
  • A clean out gives you and your family peace of mind. Knowing that you have a way to clear a clog without having a huge mess on your hands can be a huge relief.

If you’re experiencing slow draining drains, gurgling sounds coming from your drains, or sewage backup, it’s time to call a professional. These are all signs that you have a clog somewhere in your sewer line. Ignoring these signs can lead to much bigger problems down the road.

At Acme Plumbing, we’re here to help with all your plumbing needs, including sewer clean outs, sewer inspection and sewer repair. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation. 

If You Already Have a Clean Out in Your Basement Do You Need an External Clean Out?

It is true that a clean out in your basement can be easily accessible. But the problem with basement clean outs is that they can result in a big mess in your home when accessed. If you have a clog in the line and waste builds up past the clean out access point, it can come into your basement through the clean out.

Worse still, if the clean out is to be used under such a situation, it’s disgusting enough to just think about what will happen when it is opened. Raw sewage would flood your basement.This is why having an external clean out is so important. This eliminates the possibility of sewage backup in your basement.

Who Should Install Your Clean Out?

Only a licensed and insured plumber should install your clean out. This is not a do-it-yourself project. When you install a clean out on your own, there’s a significant risk of damage to your main sewer line. This could cost you thousands of dollars.

If you’re having trouble finding a reputable plumber in your area, give us a call at Acme Plumbing and we will help you out.

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